Monday, May 13, 2013

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Forget those who have loved, hated the laugh cry.I just don ` said anything, like a flower in revealing a fruit eve flaws and cant explain their origin and destiny.Also until his into pots and pans of life, to know and understand the life is not easy, only more miss those simple days and nostalgia of the age of innocence.I know one they never are very sensitive, a farming do not expect in the so-called sheep project in a trial, he always wanted to try the agricultural idea, do not know how many times has been the reality picked on, also does not call again by the real trick again, if the chairman or miss zhang makes him give it up, he would give up, even if explicit demands he get another job while waiting for it, he will he get another job waiting.From the stranger people, no longer huabuhui had warm.
Go back, just step on the stairs, then loudly call her, the sound of a two is not enough, must let her hear my calling; when leaving, she always the slow down reminding, i dont even think about, it gently back to her know ; she made dishes, often put more or less salt, i will pretend to be delicious, even if it is left out, would secretly; when taking photo, often, sometimes as a child with her arms will circle the tubes together, sometimes in the cotton warm sunset at her photo album, a warm smile, her eyes were momentarily illuminated, sunset.But once they meet each other, meet ru is missing andhra phase formula and the king must, free to teach for the love of life and death.Husband and wife wang shigang chinese two units work time is a point, the couple for long distance always him to her after the last ten minutes.I just want to bring my physical style of play to the team and thats something that we definitely have a receiver already, but I just want to add to that.Climate turns cold, only in the group by, it can find the warmth of heart and a sense of security.He can, his friends can see, he is in his rivalry with their own, but in fact he knows, who said it?Green verdant season we embrace together, open your heart, warm each other face.After lunch, a person sitting position in a daze, today i did not come to the ears of kan leaf is also a lot of quiet, but a kind of unspeakable loneliness.
If unavoidable, xiaohan can as soon as possible out of this to create their own love, so xiaohan feel should go.Do you always eat, eat fell on my bed, but this time i just feel you need me there.03 wednesday sunny hear cao last night crying very sad !&Rsquo ;li hui mouth weiqiao said that my bag also allows you to take the &rsquo ;and a lady bag hanging from chen liang wow, husband, this package and it fits you well &rsquo ;li huixiang discovery of the new continent like &lsquo is not it, said ;this image can match with your package &rsquo ;chen liang forehead slightly cold seeps in the mind of don me ah, don.I think those in pig farming in the construction team, will certainly to the security fear three, has the security to help him find out will be multiplied, and he the temerity to inquire once rejected, it is very difficult to have room for manoeuvre, he this time is really not only fail successfully, emphasize the importance of this opportunities are not excessive, and security that the fool plough is a very rare opportunity, to the opportunity, will not have to say anything, will find and thoroughbred pig farm leaders tell us your opinion.Kahnes chances of contending Saturday night ended when he and Busch battled for the lead off a restart with 33 laps remaining, and his No.Dear, when the body is good, we work together, writing articles, busy together, chat, we create a better life.Gxb i dont know what i want to spend a lot of time to forget you.
I dont know what do not compromise, i also very tired i think you probably dont know what im waiting for you, you do not know no news of you heart take a feeling, i still wait for you, even if you are on my phone love do answer, sms love not to return back, you dont know what im like, i still wait for you, still give you a message, i want to ask you is it right?I walk alone at the crossroads of love lost, my lonely heart float or drift slowly shifting in this mundane world, looking for a dream in the memory, interpretation of the ghost in love and hate.I am afraid to become his burden, want to leave, not my intention, just seeing his information and hear his voice will be very happy, but i like him outside and others questioned how.He was just going on vacation, he said, a small piece of too strong and i know with me, he wronged me, he had to every day the boss gas buried themselves along with me, he tasted the bitter betrayal taste society follow me, he tired then, my the heart in my journey, and i lost my experience to the world, to the good person has less and less i am so sorry that i indulge myself i lost my strength, breaking his shield in front of the fuzzy already can not see the sun the headlight moonlight, light up, use the gas pedal, leave, leave i want to find the bomb has been lost heart with me, he will Christian Louboutin Outlet continue.Its always seems like he has something up his sleeve and he can pull it out at any time, Pena said.Pear pineapple said :small game, your mother is a great teacher, small, wilson happy to say mother, mother, aunt said you like told me proudly laugh.I am quiet, then let me sit quietly beside you, i share your goodness and happiness.
Fall in love at first sight affection and love, which one kind of emotion to more strong and sturdy?Life without passion, two people in a quarrel, be firm and secure all day live, except work, eat and sleep, but also why, sometimes making, mixed quarrel, or someone who is angry, another to feel wrong, just feel about each other, when a lot of love, affection friendship, all it is through friction, the feeling of knowing the art of survival.And i worried about flying and neighed rapid and sharp, may cut the soft skin, penetrate the white bone, with all the stains and bloody embedded in a cruel and evil in the gap.Experience never end, not the end, not looking for that.